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I dislike the Florida Marlins. But Pudge is Da Man.

  posted by AVS @ 4.10.03


Kick The ACLU Out Of The Library
First the ACLU wanted to keep law enforcement officers who had a court order from finding out whether terrorist suspects were reading library books about bomb-making. Now the ACLU wants to keep parents from finding out whether their kids are reading library books about sex and drugs.

  posted by AVS @ 4.10.03

Overlooked Again
John Maxwell Coetzee has won the 2003 Nobel Prize for literature, which means that the eminently deserving Milan Kundera was overlooked yet again.

Bill Buckley once wrote that if the Nobel Committee did not award the literature prize to Patrick O'Brian, he (Buckley) would personally boycott the Nobel Committee. I feel the same way about Kundera, whose writing, by the way, makes O'Brian look like a rank amateur in a sailor outfit.

  posted by AVS @ 2.10.03


'Iraq Is Not A Lost Battle'
Isam al-Khafaji, a member of the Iraqi Governing Council and a socialist university professor who is critical of the Bush administration, tells The Daily Star of Lebanon that Iraq is not lost and there is no popular resistance against the United States.

The fact that people get killed ­ both American soldiers and Iraqi civilians ­ doesn’t mean that there is a popular Iraqi resistance. This is no Vietnam. There are very few Iraqis being killed because there are seen as collaborators, and the number of American casualties is also very low. If you asked Iraqis whether US troops should leave, the vast majority would say no. On the other hand, the rising number of attacks has already forced the Americans to swallow much, not all, of their arrogance. But is this “resistance?” No. Sometimes we confuse our emotions with the facts. A real popular resistance does not end up with one or two dead a day ­ with my deep sorrow for each life lost. If this were popular resistance, there would be something like 50 dead a day.

Asked if Iraqis would rather have the United Nations instead of the Americans running the show, he says no -- because Iraqis view the U.N. as "the strangler of the people and as a corrupt organization" because it allowed Saddam to stay in power for so long.

I have asked myself whether I should take that position. But don’t forget that the UN has an extremely bad reputation among Iraqis. For 12 years, the UN has been seen as the strangler of the people and as a corrupt organization. If you asked Iraqis about a multinational force, the answer would depend on which countries would be part of it. The most terrifying thing is that Arabs would come ­ not because of some isolationist Iraqi attitude. Iraqis remember that the Arab regimes have defended Saddam. Up until now they are defending him.

Contrast that with the anti-Bush ravings of columnist James Pinkerton, who I had thought was more sensible than this.

How can the anti-war crowd continue to claim that toppling Saddam was a failure when most Iraqis say they will be better off because of it and more say they want to model their new nation after the United States than after any other nation?

  posted by AVS @ 1.10.03


SHOWCASE: I cast my vote for King of Fools.

  posted by AVS @ 28.9.03

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