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Two Cars In Every Garage
There are now more cars than licensed drivers in the average American household. Are we rich or what?

It surely won't be long before the left jumps on this report as evidence of America's excess; its horrible acquisitiveness; its greed; its self-indulgence; its. . . its . . . its . . . AMERICANISM! Oh, for shame! For shame!

  posted by AVS @ 30.8.03


Justice Indicts Cuban Pilots, Herald Says It's A Politicial Move
Back in 1996 two Cuban MIGs shot down two Brothers to the Rescue aircraft. Last week the Justice Department indicted one Cuban general and the two MIG pilots for, as The Miami Herald put it, "murder, conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals, and destruction of aircraft."

The Herald today has a story alleging that the motives for the indictment are "purely political", to quote one unnamed source. The story says the decision came after Florida Republicans warned the White House that Bush was in danger of losing the Cuban exile vote and that Karl Rove decided the indictment would help Bush win support in South Florida.

This administration certainly has a history of letting public opinion guide its policy decisions, and I wouldn't doubt that the Herald story may be true. But is this really a story? Since when have presidents (aside from George Washington, perhaps) not made policy based on winning votes in key states? Surely Clinton's decision not to indict the Cuban pilots was also guided by political considerations. The difference is that indicting the pilots is the right decision.

  posted by AVS @ 30.8.03

When Journalists Attack! (Or at least drive drunk and rear-end someone)
In Raleigh, NC, the editor of the local business journal rear-ended a night metro editor for The News & Observer, the main local newspaper. The business editor blew a .16 and was immediately arrested and taken to the county jail. He was released after being booked, and as fate would have it he went straight back to his car and attempted to drive it home, which led to his being pulled over and arrested a second time the same night.

Pretty odd. In a city of about 250,000, in a greater metro area of roughly 1 million, what are the chances that two newspaper editors would be involved in an auto accident and that one of them would be arrested twice in the same night for DWI?

A more interesting question, though, is how would The News & Observer have reported the story had the editors' roles been reversed? If the N&O editor had been the one driving drunk, would they have played the story this big, complete with mug shot? I doubt it.

  posted by AVS @ 30.8.03

Dang, I have a pretty cool battle cry.

  posted by AVS @ 29.8.03


A Two-Headed Goliath
The University of Georgia's "Hot Dog Man", who has been selling weenies to the Bulldogs for 20 years, has for some reason piqued the ire of both university officials and the county. They want him to stop selling hot dogs at a particular street corner, saying it's dangerous. But he says it isn't and is asking them to prove it. Natuarlly, the sheriff had him arrested. Says the Hot Dog Man's wife (presumably the Hot Dog Wife):

This is an absolute vicious attack. It is like there is a two-headed Goliath up against us -- one head is the university and the other head is Athens-Clarke County

The Hot Dog Man says he makes $100k a year selling hot dogs to college students.

Man. I gotta go to Hot Dog School so I can make me some money!

  posted by AVS @ 29.8.03

Professor Whackjob
Cynthia McKinney -- you remember, the kook former member of Congress (D-Ga.) who lost her 2002 re-election bid primarily because she ran around not so subtly suggesting that President Bush had advance knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks and let them happen anyway so his friends in the oil industry could get rich -- has just been named a visiting professor at Cornell University.

Here's what McKinney said about Bush and 9-11:

We know there were numerous warnings of the events to come on September 11th. . . . What did this administration know and when did it know it, about the events of September 11th? Who else knew, and why did they not warn the innocent people of New York who were needlessly murdered? . . . What do they have to hide?


persons close to this administration are poised to make huge profits off America's new war

Here's what Cornell's president said about McKinney's selection as a visiting professor:

The University assigns responsibility for the appointment of Rhodes Professors to a faculty committee. ... That committee made the academic judgment that [McKinney] would contribute meaningfully to our collective intellectual life on campus.

Um-hmm. If the faculty at Cornell believe Cynthia McKinney, above all others possible candidates, will add the most value to the academic atmosphere on that hallowed Ivy League campus, one has to question the quality of Cornell's professoriate.

McKinney was nominated by James Turner, founder of Africana Studies at Cornell, which is the campus division that will sponsor her and in which she will do whatever it is radical leftist visiting professors do, which is indoctrinate as many impressionable youngsters as possible.

  posted by AVS @ 29.8.03

Taxpayers' Center For Distance Learning
Tomorrow the University of Kentucky College of Law, from which U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell graduated in 1967, will announce the creation of the Mitch McConnell Center for Distance Learning. The senator is receiving this honor only because he funnelled hordes of federal cash to UK, most especially $750k for the center. I would comment on this, but Law professor Roberta Harding said it perfectly when she told the Louisville Courier-Journal:

I'm certainly appreciative of Senator McConnell getting research money for the university and for the law school, but I believe that's his job. From my perspective, I could see if they called it the Taxpayers' Center for Distance Learning. It's the taxpayers' dollars, it's not Mitch McConnell's.

  posted by AVS @ 28.8.03


It's Called 'Sage' For A Reason
Researchers confirm that the herb called Sage does in fact improve the memory.

  posted by AVS @ 28.8.03

I'm Spain
Blue Pyramid has a funny little quiz in which you answer questions and your personality type is identified by which national persona it most resembles. I'm Spain. It could be worse. At least I'm not Cambodia.

  posted by AVS @ 28.8.03

More Stupidity In Alabama
Gov. Bob Riley's political director says people who don't support the governor's proposed $1.2 billion tax increase are "too damn stupid to know better."

  posted by AVS @ 28.8.03

More Campus Indoctrination
For the second year in a row, the University of North Carolina has come under fire for selecting a left-wing book for its freshman summer reading program. The program requires all incoming freshmen to read the same book, which they are to discuss upon arriving on campus. Last year the book was a work about the Koran which critics say conveniently left out portions that incited Muslims to violence against the infidels. This summer's selection was "Nickel and Dimed", a ridiculous little book in which the leftist writer Barbara Ehrenreich poses as a poor person working a low-wage job and writes about how hard it is to make it in America. It's standard anti-Capitalist claptrap, and the university is requiring all freshmen to read it.

In both instances, the university insisted that the books were chosen not to indoctrinate, but to get students to think about these complex issues. Nine times out of ten, when someone says that, he's lying. As for UNC officials, decide for yourself. Here is UNC Chancellor James Moeser, speaking to students about the book, as reported in The News & Observer of Raleigh:

"You can see people on this campus who fit the profile of people in this book," he told the students, adding that he hopes the book will instill in them a lasting compassion for the often-invisible service workers.

He didn't add that he hoped it would get the students to think critically about the economics of employment. He said he hoped it would instill in them a lasting compassion for service workers. That's indoctrination, pure and simple.

  posted by AVS @ 26.8.03


Lynyrd Skynyrd is back on the Billboard charts. Who'd have thought?

  posted by AVS @ 26.8.03

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