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I'll be on vacation the rest of the week.

  posted by AVS @ 15.7.03


Uranium Claim Came From Nigerian Diplomat, ABC Says
ABC News reported yesterday that a low level Nigerian diplomat based in Italy was the source of the forged document supposedly showing that Iraq had tried to buy uranium in Niger. He is said to have fabricated it with the intent of selling it to supplement his meager pay. ABC's "intelligence" sources say he sold it to the Italian secret service for a few thousand dollars.

[T]he intelligence debacle grew out of a scam when an underpaid African diplomat who was stationed in Rome created bogus documents, which he then sold to the Italian secret service, sources said.

The Italians officially deny the sale, but intelligence sources told ABCNEWS the fake documents were produced in late 2001 in Rome, in a building that houses the tiny embassy of Niger.

The diplomat, who now has been recalled to Niger, sold the forged documents to the military branch of the Italian secret service for what sources say was a few thousand dollars.

  posted by AVS @ 15.7.03

JFK's Boxer Shorts
Some people will buy anything.

  posted by AVS @ 15.7.03

North Korea Gets Scarier

  posted by AVS @ 15.7.03

Uranium Claim Bush's Downfall?
David Broder thinks so. I think not.

  posted by AVS @ 15.7.03

Iraq's interim governing council declares April 9, the day Saddam Hussein lost control of the country, as a national holiday. And Howard Dean still says the war was wrong.

  posted by AVS @ 13.7.03

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